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Day Pet Nanny Per Hour

About this Service

*Per hour up to 2 pets. 2 hour minimum. Our day pet nanny by the hour service offers flexible and personalized care for your pets throughout the day. Here's a list of services included, along with some additional details: 1. Hourly Pet Care: Our pet nanny service is charged per hour, allowing you to book the exact amount of care your pets need. This gives you the flexibility to customize the duration of our services based on your schedule and requirements. 2. Minimum 2-Hour Booking: To ensure that we can provide adequate attention and care for your pets, there is a minimum booking requirement of 2 hours. This ensures that we have enough time to engage with your pets and cater to their needs. 3. Feeding and Watering: We will follow your instructions to feed your pets according to their regular dietary schedule and provide fresh water throughout the visit. 4. Exercise and Playtime: Our pet nanny will engage your pets in physical activities and playtime, providing them with mental stimulation and keeping them active and entertained. 5. Potty Breaks: We will take your dogs out for potty breaks or clean litter boxes for cats, ensuring their comfort and maintaining a clean living environment. 6. Medication Administration: If your pets require medication during the day, our pet nanny will administer it as per your instructions. 7. Basic Grooming: We can provide light grooming such as brushing, gentle wiping, or combing to keep your pets looking and feeling their best. 8. Pet TLC and Companionship: Our pet nanny will spend quality time with your pets, providing them with love, attention, and companionship, making them feel secure and cared for. 9. Home Security Checks: While visiting, we can perform quick home security checks, ensuring doors and windows are secure. 10. Daily Updates: We will provide you with updates on your pets' well-being, activities, and any notable observations during our visit, giving you peace of mind. 11. Additional Services: If you have specific requests or additional needs for your pets, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them. Additional services may be subject to additional charges. Our day pet nanny by the hour service allows you to tailor the care for your pets based on your schedule and their needs. With a minimum 2-hour booking, you can trust that our pet nanny will provide dedicated attention and exceptional care to your beloved companions.

Contact Details

  • Dallas, TX 75227, USA

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