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45-min Drop-in Visit

About this Service

*Price Per Visit up to 2 pets Our convenient drop-in visits offer a range of services to ensure the well-being and happiness of your pets. Here's a list of services included: 1. Feeding: We provide feeding according to your specified schedule and portion sizes. Special dietary instructions or preferences will be strictly followed. 2. Fresh Water: We ensure that your pets always have access to clean, fresh water during our visit. 3. Medication Administration: If your pets require medication, we administer it as per your instructions to ensure their health and well-being. 4. Playtime and Exercise: We engage your pets in playtime, interactive sessions, and provide exercise to keep them mentally stimulated and physically active. 5. Potty Breaks: We offer potty breaks for dogs, including letting them out to relieve themselves, cleaning litter boxes for cats, and refreshing bedding or pee pads for small animals. 6. Basic Grooming: We can provide light grooming such as brushing, gentle wiping, or combing to keep your pets looking and feeling their best. 7. Litter Box Maintenance: For cats, we clean and maintain their litter boxes, ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment. 8. Home Security Checks: While visiting, we can perform quick home security checks, ensuring doors and windows are secure, giving you peace of mind. 9. Daily Updates: We provide you with regular updates on your pets, including text messages, photos, or videos, so you can stay connected and reassured. 10. Plant Care: If you have indoor plants, we can water them as per your instructions to maintain their health and vitality. 11. Bringing in Mail and Packages: We can collect mail, packages, or newspapers from your doorstep, keeping your home looking lived-in and secure. 12. Light Housekeeping: We can perform light housekeeping tasks such as tidying up pet areas, cleaning up minor messes, and ensuring a clean environment. 13. Pet TLC: Most importantly, we provide love, attention, and companionship to your pets during our visit, making them feel cared for and loved. Our drop-in visits are designed to accommodate your pets' needs and provide them with the necessary care and attention while you're away.

Contact Details

  • Dallas, TX 75227, USA

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