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Joining our TDDC familia is easy!

New Clients:

Simply fill out our New client inquiry form to get started. Once we receive your information, we'll reach out to schedule a meet-and-greet. During this time, we'll get to know you and your pet's needs, ensuring a perfect match. After the meet-and-greet, you're all set to Activate your Time to PEt Portal, book your pet's stay with us, and enjoy peace of mind knowing they're in caring hands. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our services!

Established Clients: 

can log in to their client portal and request to schedule any service of choice anytime or send us a message! Thank you for Being a LoYAL Club member! 

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Meet and Greet

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  • Why should I choose a pet sitter instead of boarding my pet?
    There are several reasons why choosing a pet sitter over boarding your pet can be a beneficial option: 1. Familiar Environment: Pets are creatures of habit and find comfort in familiar surroundings. When you hire a pet sitter, your pet gets to stay in the comfort of their own home. Being in a familiar environment reduces stress and anxiety, helping your pet feel more relaxed during your absence. 2. Personalized Attention: Pet sitters offer personalized care tailored to your pet's specific needs. They can follow your pet's regular routine, feeding schedule, exercise regimen, and administer any necessary medications. This individualized attention ensures that your pet receives the same level of care and love they are accustomed to. 3. Reduced Exposure to Illnesses: Boarding facilities often house multiple animals, increasing the risk of exposure to contagious diseases, parasites, or stress-related illnesses. With a pet sitter, your pet is not exposed to other animals' potential health issues, minimizing the risk of illness. 4. One-on-One Companionship: Boarding facilities often have multiple pets under their care, which can limit the amount of individual attention each pet receives. In contrast, a pet sitter provides dedicated one-on-one companionship to your pet. They can engage in playtime, provide cuddles, and give undivided attention to keep your pet mentally stimulated and emotionally content. 5. No Travel-Related Stress: Many pets experience stress and discomfort during travel, especially if they are not used to being transported or confined to unfamiliar spaces. With a pet sitter, your pet doesn't have to endure the stress of car rides or being placed in an unfamiliar environment, as they remain in the comfort of their own home. 6. Home Security: Hiring a pet sitter can provide an added layer of home security. While caring for your pet, they can also help maintain the appearance that your home is occupied by bringing in mail, adjusting lights, and opening/closing blinds. This can deter potential burglars and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is being looked after. 7. Peace of Mind: Leaving your pet in the care of a trusted and professional pet sitter gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured that your pet is receiving personalized attention, staying in a familiar environment, and being cared for by someone who genuinely loves animals. Regular updates and communication from the pet sitter can further alleviate any worries you may have while you're away. By choosing a pet sitter, you provide your pet with a comfortable, stress-free, and personalized experience while ensuring their well-being and happiness in your absence.
  • What information do you need to know about my pup?
    The following questions we go over at the meet & greet: Does your pet: -Have any health issues/allergies? -Take medication? Medication schedule? -Have up to date vaccinations? -Take flea/tick/heart worm prevention? -Have a microchip/ID tag? Routine: -What is your pet's sleep schedule? -Where do they usually sleep? -Are they crate trained? -What's your pet's meal schedule? How many servings? -What kind of food do they eat? -What kind of treats do you give your dog? -How often does your pup go potty? How do they let you know they need to? -How long can they go without a potty break? -Routinely walks or outings? Behavior & Training: -Does your pet experience any separation anxiety? -Food aggression or protective towards toys/beds/food? -Does your pet display any destructive behavior? -What commands do they know? -How do you reward correct behavior? -How do you correct bad behavior? -Any unique behaviors? (Digging, humping, funny noises, tendencies, etc)? -Anxiety towards loud sounds? -Soothing techniques specifically used at home? -How is your pet around other dogs? -How is your pet on a leash?
  • What is Pet Sitting?
    Pet sitting refers to the professional service of caring for pets in their own homes while their owners are away. It is an alternative to boarding pets in a facility or asking friends or family members to take care of them. A pet sitter visits the client's home to provide essential care, companionship, and attention to the pets. During a pet sitting assignment, the pet sitter typically performs a variety of tasks based on the specific needs of the pets and the instructions provided by the owner. These tasks may include: 1. Feeding: Ensuring that pets are fed according to their regular schedule, following any dietary restrictions or special instructions provided. 2. Fresh Water: Providing fresh water to ensure pets stay hydrated throughout the day. 3. Exercise and Playtime: Engaging pets in physical activities and play sessions to keep them active, entertained, and mentally stimulated. 4. Dog Walking: Taking dogs for walks to provide them with necessary exercise, bathroom breaks, and an opportunity to explore their surroundings. 5. Litter Box Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining litter boxes for cats, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. 6. Medication Administration: Administering any necessary medications or treatments according to the owner's instructions. 7. Companionship: Spending quality time with the pets, offering companionship, and providing affection and attention to help alleviate loneliness and separation anxiety. 8. Basic Grooming: Depending on the specific services offered, the pet sitter may perform basic grooming tasks such as brushing, light grooming, and coat maintenance. Additionally, pet sitters may offer other services upon request or as part of their standard offerings, such as bringing in mail, alternating lights to give the appearance of an occupied home, watering plants, or other basic household tasks to provide additional security and care for the client's home. Professional pet sitters are experienced, reliable, and trained in handling pets of different species, breeds, and temperaments. They prioritize the well-being and safety of the pets under their care, following the instructions and guidelines provided by the owners to ensure the pets' routines and preferences are maintained as closely as possible. Pet sitting offers pet owners the peace of mind of knowing that their pets are receiving personalized care and attention in the comfort and familiarity of their own home environment, reducing stress and anxiety for both pets and owners during their absence.
  • What areas do you provide service?
    Addison | Bluffview | North Dallas | Downtown Dallas | Farmers Branch | Garland | Highland Park | Irving | Lakewood Heights | Lower Greenville | Mesquite | Oak Lawn | Oak Cliff | Park Cities | Plano | Preston Hollow | Richardson | Rowlett | Rockwall | Sachse | University Park | Uptown Dallas | Westover Hills | All surrounding DFW areas Don't see your city listed? Contact us to get further confirmation to see if we may service your area!
  • How do you handle emergencies or unexpected situations?
    When it comes to emergencies or unexpected situations during pet sitting, our priority is the safety and well-being of your pet. We have established protocols and procedures in place to handle various scenarios that may arise. Here's an overview of how we handle emergencies or unexpected situations: 1. Preparedness: Our pet sitters are trained to anticipate and handle emergencies. They are knowledgeable about common pet health issues, basic first aid, and CPR for pets. We also ensure that our sitters have access to emergency contact information, including your veterinarian's details, nearby emergency veterinary clinics, and your preferred method of contact. 2. Communication: In the event of an emergency, our pet sitters will promptly reach out to you or your designated emergency contact to inform you of the situation. We will provide details of the incident, the steps taken, and any immediate actions that may be required. 3. Veterinary Care: If your pet requires urgent medical attention, we will take them to the nearest veterinary clinic or hospital as recommended by your veterinarian or as deemed necessary based on the situation. We will inform you about the situation and seek your approval before proceeding with any veterinary care, unless it is a life-threatening situation where immediate action is required to ensure your pet's well-being. 4. Emergency Authorization: Before you leave for your trip, we will have you complete an emergency authorization form that grants us permission to seek medical treatment for your pet in case of an emergency. This form includes contact information for your veterinarian and any specific instructions regarding your pet's medical care. 5. Communication with Veterinarian: We will maintain open communication with your veterinarian throughout the pet sitting assignment. In case of an emergency, we will inform the veterinarian about the situation, follow their advice, and keep them updated on your pet's condition and any treatment provided. 6. Clear Instructions: We encourage you to provide us with clear instructions regarding your preferred course of action in different emergency scenarios. This helps us understand your expectations and act accordingly in case of an unforeseen situation. 7. Proactive Measures: To minimize the likelihood of emergencies, we take proactive measures such as securely closing gates, keeping harmful substances out of your pet's reach, and ensuring a safe environment for your pet during the pet sitting assignment. We understand that emergencies can be stressful, and we are committed to taking immediate action, prioritizing your pet's well-being, and keeping you informed throughout the process. Our pet sitters are trained to remain calm and composed during unexpected situations, providing the necessary care and support your pet needs until the situation is resolved. Please feel free to discuss any specific concerns or instructions you have regarding emergencies so that we can tailor our approach to meet your pet's unique needs.
  • Do you take care of cats?
    For our in-home services such as house-sitting and drop-in visits, YES we do!!! Please allow us to make more feline friends!
  • Can you send me updates, pictures, or videos of my pup(s)?
    Certainly! You can have direct communication with your pet sitter at the time of service. We understand how important it is for you to stay connected with your pet(s) while they are in our care. That's why we offer daily updates, as well as pictures and videos, and a report card at the end of their service to ensure that your pet is safe and having a great time with us. Please note that taking care of your furry friend requires our full attention and constant monitoring. As a result, we may not be on our phones frequently and our response time may be delayed. However, rest assured that we will always send updates whenever possible and immediately communicate with you in case of emergencies or urgent situations. Your pet's well-being is our top priority, and we will do everything we can to keep you informed and provide the best care possible.
  • Do you offer any deals?
    Yes we do! We offer: 🐾 $10 off your first booking 🐾 $10 off your next service when you leave us a 5-star review 🐾 $10 off your next service when you refer us to your friends or family 🐾 $15 off your first booking when referred by an affiliate partner 🐾 Loyalty cards for dog walks!
  • Is there room for negotiation on your prices?
    We understand that price is an important consideration for our customers, but we firmly believe that the value we provide justifies our rates. Here are a few reasons why our pricing is non-negotiable: Extensive Market Research: Before setting our rates, we conducted thorough research on established competitors in the pet sitting industry. We analyzed their pricing structures, services offered, and the quality of care provided. This research ensures that our rates are competitive and fair within the industry, reflecting the value we deliver. Professional and Experienced Pet Sitters: Our team of pet sitters consists of trained professionals who are passionate about animals. They have undergone rigorous training, possess relevant certifications, and have extensive experience in pet care. Our sitters are dedicated to providing exceptional care, ensuring the safety, well-being, and happiness of your pet throughout their stay. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet and owner. Whether it's daily visits, overnight stays, or specialized care, we provide comprehensive services that go beyond just basic pet sitting. Our rates encompass the various services we offer, ensuring that your pet receives the highest level of care and attention. Investment in Quality: We take pride in the quality of care we provide. We invest in top-notch facilities, equipment, and resources to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for your pet. From regular exercise and playtime to personalized attention and specialized care, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of your furry friend. Our pricing reflects the commitment we have to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring a positive experience for your pet. Reliability and Peace of Mind: When you choose The Dallas Dog Club LLC, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in safe and capable hands. We have a proven track record of reliability, punctuality, and professionalism. Our non-negotiable pricing reflects the trust and confidence we have built with our customers over the years. We understand that pricing is an important factor, and we strive to offer competitive rates for the high-quality services we provide. We appreciate your understanding of our non-negotiable pricing structure. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • What are your requirements before booking?
    🐾 Fill out our New Client Inquiry Form 🐾 Activate your Time To Pet Account & Schedule a meet & greet 🐾 Become familiar with all of our Policies, Procedures, and Requirements & Sign Our Service Agreement Contract 🐾 Pets must have absolutely no history of aggression towards dogs or people 🐾 Microchip/ID tag information up to date 🐾 Must be up to date on all vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, Canine Influenza, Flea/Tick prevention) Contact us for any further questions!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We kindly request that you provide us with at least 48 hours' notice for cancellations or schedule changes for all services, with the exception of our Overnight House Sitting service. This allows us to efficiently manage our schedules and accommodate other clients. Providing sufficient notice helps us avoid any inconvenience or charges associated with cancellations. For our Overnight House Sitting service, we require a minimum of ONE WEEK's notice for cancellations to avoid any charges. If a cancellation is made less than a week prior to the scheduled start date but at least 3 days prior, a 50% charge of the total amount of the reservation will apply. In the event of a cancellation with less than 3 days' notice, a 100% charge of the total amount of the reservation will be incurred. These cancellation policies are in place to ensure fairness to our pet sitters and compensate for the time and effort they have allocated for your reservation. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these policies. If you have any further questions or need to make changes to your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within the specified cancellation guidelines.
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